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We met up with 27 year old Amsterdam stylist and model, Sofie, on a crisp winter day in Amsterdam. Her background in fashion, from her studies in both Denmark and The Netherlands and several astonishing internships has led her into what she explains herself as, "the beating heart of fashion" Vogue Netherlands. We talk holiday trends, childhood memories and her ultimate Rosefield gifts.

Sofie explains that in the beginning of her career she slowly but surely got the chance to do more styling, from smaller portraits to bigger productions. "One of my first big shoots was a jewelry editorial for the December Issue. It was also a big dinner table like this one, and the shoot was all about what happened under the table. Beautiful accessories, like shoes and bags laying next to the chairs and on the ground."

She pauses, sips on a glass of prosecco and continues. "After having done this work for a while, I sometimes forget how special my job is and everything I do. But when I for instance travel for work or when I’m on set I realise that I’m so lucky I get to do this for work. I really love my job and I’m happy that I can be creative, tell stories and inspire people with the styling that I do."

In the beginning I was the personal assistant of the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Pretty much like “The devil wears Prada” except my boss was the nicest ever.

What is your favorite trend for the holiday season?

It’s maybe a bit cheesy but I think it’s fun to wear a really good jumper. Not necessarily an ugly Christmas sweater, but just a bit over the top and outrageous like those glittery or big knitted ones. They're just so cosy and comfortable. Otherwise I am a big fan of suiting up for Christmas, so maybe I will go for a nice oversized suit with a bowtie this year.

What is the Christmas gift you always wanted but never got?

Ever since my dog Dorus (my BEST friend) past away, I have been wanting a new puppy. I hope my parents will read this before they go Christmas shopping…

My favorite Rosefield item is definitely the gold Boxy xs. It's so petite, timeless, classy and definitely something that I'll still love in 10 years time.

My most treasured Christmas gift is a golden necklace with a small star. I got it from my parents 2 years ago and I am still wearing it and will probably wear it for the rest of my life.

What Rosefield items are you gifting this Holiday season and to whom?

The Moon and Star Necklace. I’m giving this to my friend Madieke who I have been friends with for years. She lives in the south of Holland and therefore we don’t see eachother as often anymore. I want to show her that I really appreciate her even though I might not always be the best friend there is. It’s a bit cheesy, but yeah, it’s for Christmas and it’s the time to be cheesy. I feel the star and moon symbolises us apart, but then always keeping an eye out for each other no matter what.

As we start to round up our talk, Sofie let's us in on one of her shopping secrets. "My advise is to really look at what a person wears and get something personal. That’s what makes a gift special, like the silly story behind the moon and star necklace. I bet my friend will always keep the necklace because of the story behind it."

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