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Amazing piece

Excellent quality. I would not recommend anything else. The watch is dainty, timeless and goes with everything. My favourite watch of all.

Watch update

Love this watch and this company. I’ve been admiring this piece for a long time and am so glad I bought it. Also want to say the mesh watch does not require a tool from the company which is why it is not included. I adjusted it easily with a flat head screwdriver.

Nice watch, appalling customer service

I contacted customer service to ask for the resizing tool as in the instructions booklet it says it should be included: meaning that we are also paying for it. The person who replied bluntly said that they won't send it to me, without any explanation, and they just send the email through an awful French autocorrect that they won't even revise themselves to check for errors (I didn't understand 90% of what they wrote due to this). When I asked to get my money back since they won't send me the tool and also asked for an explanation, they replied calling me impolite and telling me to use anything random to adjust the size of the watch, which is brilliant considering how much money we spend on these watches and watching it get damaged carelessly. Also, let me address the fact that they never sign their emails so I don't know who was the unprofessional responding to me.

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